Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Little Bit About Us

What  were/are our "language rules"? How often and when did we speak French?
Language rules have changed over the years. Starting with J as newborn, we only spoke French to him. We started out having the rule of speaking English when other English speakers were around, but that was too much English.
We spoke almost only French to each other until about 4 years ago, when the oldest was in high school. Parents only speak English to each other.

The thing I would like to change is, I would like to come up with an incentive program to get them to read books in French. I would like the younger two to read better in French.

What did we do to supplement our French? Books, movies, playgroups, etc?

What level of French have our children achieved?

How much French was spoken in our home when our kids were younger?

How much French is currently spoken in our home?

A current description of our family (ages, French ability)?